Microsoft Rolls on StaffHub that Allows Being in Connection with the Workers Without a Desktop!

StaffHub is going to be a part of enterprise’s productivity!

Microsoft has rolled out new Office 365 on Thursday that has eased the process of assigning schedules for the workers who don’t access desktop. Managers of the companies are going to reap the benefits exclusively.

StaffHub is designed for the managers who require assigning daily schedules to the employees. It was quite tedious to set schedules for the workers without a desk. Now it is quite easier for the managers to set schedule and distribute resources of the enterprise with the employees with this simple interface. The employees in the enterprise even can use StaffHub for swapping their shifts with others. This can also be used for chatting too.

Microsoft integrates this new interface aiming to expand the usage of Office 365. Productivity feature of Cloud is helpful for the technical workers but the workers who aren’t even proficient with Word Documents or sending emails through Outlook suffer a lot.

Any user on StaffHub would require subscribing on Cloud Productivity Service, let it be an employee or a manager. The enterprise needs to purchase Microsoft 365 K1 plan for the workers not accessing computers which would cost them around $4 per user for every month. This doesn’t require access to the Office Desktop apps. StaffHub can even be availed through other plans of Microsoft like E1, E3 and E5.

StaffHub has amazingly lead Microsoft to compete with Zinc. Zinc is striving hard with a focus on the workers without computer access like service workers and retail employees.

StaffHub can be availed through website including Android and iOS apps. As per the General Manager of Microsoft 365, Bryan Goode, Microsoft had given lots of effort for working with the users of StaffHub, thus decided to release it on these specific platforms in the initial phase but plans to expand it to other platforms very soon.

Bryan Goode

Using StaffHub, the managers can easily set schedules for the employees. By means of a graphical interface the managers can block out timing of the shifts and assign any particular employee with a color-coded calendar. The prepared schedules can be pushed to the employees via StaffHub mobile app.

Via StaffHub, the employees can request for swapping shift with any other person. This request is delivered to the employee at first and then is delivered to the manager for finalization.

StaffHub can be used by the Managers of the enterprise for distributing any official document or files with the employees. StaffHub amazingly is helpful in sharing links with other resources of the company in an easier way through the app. StaffHub can simply be regarded as a central location or accessing point for the employees to collect resources from a single place.

StaffHub does have its own chat functions which appreciably allow the workers to communicate with each other. Even the workers can directly chat with the managers or any other superior on the same app on which they check their daily schedule and access the resources of the enterprise.

Snapchat Integrates Universal Search Feature which Amazingly has Simplified Navigation

Amazing credibility of Snapchat is proven with its increasing followers and users. This mobile messaging application is globally appreciated for sharing texts, drawing, photos as well as videos. With the growing numbers of users, Snapchat is being revised from time to time. Recently Snapchat is revised with integration of an amazing feature.

Now, using Snapchat is much easier with this feature. Universal Search feature integrated with Snapchat enables the users to search for friends or groups easily. With this feature, users can discover publishers and stories.

The Universal Search bar is displayed at the top of the app. This upgraded feature is available for some Android users from today and soon would be rolled out for every iOS and Android users. This app can be used for finding out the best conversations or any other content from Snapchat.

As per the spokesperson of Snapchat, this integrated interface in Snapchat is intended to increase the speed and performance of the app. With the integrated interface users can locate anything that you require while using Snapchat on the altered side.

As per the reports, Snapchat had declared to acquire mobile search startup last year. But it was closed recently by self which is still under mystery.

Determining the incredibility of the new integrated interface in Snapchat, the first featured aspect is its visual appearance. The Quick Chat option allows the user to skip directly to any particular friend’s threaded message in a faster way. Snapchat was considered to be baffling to few users in its initial phase for the integrated unique features but Snapchat has already proven its efficiency and is accessed globally. In the month of June, 2016, Snapchat had added navigation buttons and with this integration, users get easily circulated via search.

This enhanced feature of search is expected to be beneficial for brands or businesses that wish to build up audience via Snapchat. The newly introduced Universal Search is also helpful in generating revenues. Advertisers are allowed for making payments for the sponsored placements on top of the search results or in the search interface as suggestions.

With the new search bar on Snapchat, the users can directly jump to their own profile by just tapping on Bitmoji. If the user taps on friend’s auto-suggest card, then instant chatting is enabled. Users can even tap their story thumbnail that would instantly start viewing it in full screen. To view any person’s mini-profile, simply tapping and holding on the person’s card is enough.

Apart from viewing the accounts, daily editions of the channels and Our Stories can be found just by typing the specific titles. Now the users can view “Best Friends” with whom they often ‘Snap’ with. Snapchat has now allowed the users to submit anytime and anywhere to Our Story. Now the users need not pick ‘Our Story’ specifically for submission, instead they can use the posts as they wish to. Currently, there are no restrictions for building ‘Our Story’.

HP Spectre X360 Review

Premium laptop from HP has touched the ground. The HP Spectre 360 is what you call as superb laptop with a number of high tech features. Even this laptop can be compared with MacBook from Apple. In its basics, the laptop has a line of premium parts including its high quality IPS display, Intel processor, large glass trackpads, aluminum chasses, and also USB Type-C that is added with Thunderbolt 3. When all those features are put together, they produce competent laptop with excellent performance.

HP Spectre Design

On the outside, HP Spectre represents modern and sophisticated design. Its entire body is made of aluminum to deliver premium feel. Its color is bold without any head turning color scheme yet is gorgeous. Take a look at the speaker grille and the keyboard which are very nice. Even more, HP has chosen the right place for the small branding. It is on the hinge so it is only visible when the laptop is turned into tablet mode. The latest version of Spectre chose to go with more rounded edgy to increase the comfort while using the laptop unlike the previous version that comes with sharp edge.

Move to the right edge and you will find 2 USB Type-C ports that are added with Thunderbolt 3. This type of ports is still rare so Spectre is among the luckiest ones to have used this port type. Apparently, this port type has several different uses for external display, peripherals and power.

Moreover, Spectre 360’s display is outstanding thanks to 1080 IPS touchscreen with vibrant colors and wide viewing angles. Although this latest model doesn’t have higher resolution display option unlike previous models but this is not a major issue because the standard resolution is brilliant enough.

HP Spectre 360 Performance

With this laptop, you will get the latest Intel processor seventh generation. You can get either the latest i5 or i7. Spectre with Intel Core i7 comes with 512GB SSD and 16GB. These specifications may not guarantee video-editing powerhouse or gaming machine but it is already fast enough to handle daily multitasking. At least, it can handle photo editing very well where it will not let you to skip a beat. Doing multitasking with this laptop is also not a hard thing to do as you can easily switch between emails, tabs, browsers, Office, Twitter and other applications. With the price tag of this laptop, all those features are good enough.

Spectre also has another surprise for its audio sound quality. This laptop comes with 4 speakers. Two of the keyboards are placed underneath the chassis and two others are placed above the keyboard. Those speakers definitely can produce loud and full sound that makes it ideal for conference calling. Although its quality is less than new MacBook Pro’s but it is slightly better compared to other laptops in the segment. Apparently, Spectre 360’s battery life is quite an achievement as it can stand out as stamina champion. This laptop can be used for daily task for 8 to 10 hours straight without plugging in.

Considering those listed features and performance, HP Spectre 360 can certainly be one of a kind laptop that is reliable for few years round.

4 Free Sleep Apps to Improve Your Sleep Quality

Do you think that your sleep is enough in terms of quantity and quality? Do you know that not enough sleep may lead to concentration problems and even health problems? Imagine what may happen when you ride a vehicle in sleepy state. On average, adults need 8 hours of sleep a day. How do you know that you have get enough sleep?

Technology offers you the solution. Some sleep apps are now available offering different information. Some apps serve as sleep trackers; some work as sleep therapy, and some others work as dreaming tools. Find the difference in your life by using the following free sleep apps.

4 Great Free Sleep Apps


This sleep app is available for iOS gadgets. You will enjoy this free app if you gadget runs on iOS 10. It comes with a lot of features, including Bedtime, stop watch, timer, and world clock. It lets you set the time to go to bed and the time to wake up. You can also set notification time to remind you before the scheduled bedtime.

So, what makes it different from the classic weaker clock? The app automatically stores your sleep data in Health app that is available on iOS 10. Finally, enjoy a great wake-up in the morning with a gentle music.


This is one of free sleep apps available for android and iOS. SleepBot tracks your sleep activity and wakes you at the pre-set time in the morning. It helps you get a good night sleep, as it is equipped with some great features, which make it different from the usual weaker clock. The smart alarm is triggered based on your sleep activity by making use of the accelerometer available in your phone. It also comes with sleep tracking metric tools that allows you to learn about smart sleeping habits.


This is another free sleep application for iOS and Android. This mobile app helps you to relax and calm down using your gadget. It is designed with an offline soundboard that contains various white sounds. You can mix the noise and save a custom sound that relaxes and calms your mind. Therefore, you can mix it based on your personal style. You can create a Noisli account and the app automatically synchronizes with it.


Another free sleep app for iOS and Android, Pzizz stimulates you to sleep gently by using a combination of music, sound effects, words, and binaural beats. These work as de-stressor and re-energizer. Once you are free of any stress and energized, going to sleep is much easier. This app also allows you to set the soundtrack duration, which ranges from 10 minutes to 10 hours.

The app is also equipped with a built-in media, in which you can save a combination of unique soundtrack to help you sleep easier. There are more than 10 billions of possible soundtrack combinations, which include sound effects, music, vocal tracks, and many other audio elements.

Those are some free sleep apps, which you can use to set your sleep and wake-up time. They also work beyond a classical clock, as they come with some nice features. Actually, there are many other options of free sleep apps, and you can explore them before picking one.

Top Five of Best Chat Applications 2016

We know that SMS becomes passed for user who using Smartphone. Slowly but sure, certain peoples still use the SMS but there is more than ordinary chat. Some chatting applications offer you something further through many functions that can make your life easier, such as: group chat, game, video call, audio recorder, etc. the chat applications can replace the SMS but these applications basically hold the SMS concept as the main function. With the tons of chat applications make you difficult to know which the best chat applications for you and your friends as well. To help you make the decision, this article will give you chance to use the best chat application inside your Smartphone. As you know that chat/messaging applications is the application for your communication through chatting. Several applications can be installed in your Smartphone which use OS android, iOS or Windows. Every application have differences features as well.

Top five of best chat applications for your Smartphone:

1. Messenger Applications

Messenger is application that can be used for chatting through the Facebook chat. This application also known as a Facebook Messenger which offer the user with the real time via your Smartphone. The users who use this application is more than 1 Billion that make the messenger application becomes popular. You can download for free through Play Store in your android, iPhone and windows phone as well. in every operation systems have different look but still have the same function.

2. WhatsApp Applications

WhatsApp become the biggest application in second place for chatting application is social media. Since WhatsApp had been acquired by Facebook in last couple years then WhatsApp grow rapidly and the user is more than 100 million around whole of the world. The most interesting facts is WhatsApp does not load the any advertisements. Nowadays, WhatsApp becomes free download without any advertisements.

3. WeChat Applications

WeChat is the messenger application that had been developed by the Tecncent in China. This application is use for chatting with the different additional features. WeChat give the special features to find the friends through shaking your phone and detect your closer area. Only shaking your Smartphone, you will get the new friends and look around peoples with the GPS systems. This application had been use around 100 million users.

4. Line Applications

Line becomes the popular chatting application especially in Asia,. Line has some incredible features, such as: video call, audio call, timeline, Group line and cute stickers. Using line can make your video call with the good quality and you can use for audio call as well. Line sticker also popular with the unique design and had been use more than 100 million users.

5. Viber Applications

Viber almost similar with the other chat applications. Using Viber, you able to make audio call, sharing photo, send message for your friends. This application had been use more than 100 million.

Why use the chat applications?

As you notice that there are several advantages from chat applications. You can really connecting with peoples from other country with some features. The virtual conference can be used without connecting with the people in physically.

Several Recovery Data Software’s for Your Data Loss

You should notice that the professional recovery data software really able to help to handle and recovery your data loss. Every peoples had been experience the data loss problems, such as: you turn on your computer they found that the virus had been remove your entire important file. You will feel horrible and think that you file will gone forever. You can solve your problem using the recovery data software for your solution in your data loss. With the recovery data, you can recover your data which been compressed and encrypted. You can do the recovery in your deleted email; recover from some hard drives in certain locations or in your other devices. The recovery files also able to recover the file that had been deleted from recycle bin, broken files or files inside your hard drive. The recovery data software usually support any types of hard drive and the other media removable including USB rive, CD, etc. but most of them think that recovery data software is hard to use. However, the recovery data software is easy and friendly operational as well. Anyone can use these software’s and run the recover data process individually. You should note that do not install your recovery data software in your drive that you want to recover. Always install and run the software in separate drive or you can make your file gone forever.

Several best recovery data software’s for your data loss issue:

1. Recuva

Recuva is the free software that you can download. This software us easy o use and provides some features optional for your need, Recuva able to recover your data from any hard drives that you use, such as: external drives from USB, CD, DVD, memory cards, etc. the most interesting is Recuva able to recover your data from your iPod as well. the recovery operation system in Recuve is quite easy and very recommended for you who for the very fisrt time need to recover your data loss. Recuva also suit to cover up your data in Windows 10,Windows 8, Windows XP, Windows Vista and the other older versions of Windows.

2. Puran File Recovery

Puran File recovery is one of the best recovery data software and you can get it for free as well. The system is quite simple and easy to use as well. The Puran file recovery also can recover your data loss from any drive in your windows with the several features that suit with your need. You should take a note that this software able to indentify some files more than the other software’s. The Puran software only suit for certain Windows, such as Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista.

3. Disk Drill Software

Disk Drill is smart recover data software because the several features and the simple design with the clear instruction that making everyone understand easily. This software able to recover data in maximum 500MB from any storage devices that you use. It can recovery the data from your external hard drive and internal hard drive.

The Day Robots Steal Our Jobs Could Actually Come

A few years ago, we could only have our jaws dropped watching movies portraying robots from the future. Everything seems so far, dreamy and simply impossible. How can human develop a robot that can do house chores, work in a factory, counting and even killing other people? But now, robot developments have come to a very mature stage that it is not impossible to see massive robotization in the near future.

Inventors create robots to make human life easier. Let the robots do the hard work in every industry and work place so we don’t have to. At first glance, it’s definitely very convenient to have a robot do all the dull jobs for us. But in the same time, some people think that deploying robots as a new workforce is a threat for human. When robots can do things human usually do and even substitute them, more efficient and hardworking robots will finally steal human jobs. But is it true? Is it possible that the era of robotization is around the corner and we will face massive unemployment when that said time comes?

Massive and Advanced Robot Development

For these past several years, robot developments have gone through such a golden era. As industries keep demanding more efficiency and productivity, more startups have started venturing to the robotic development. Robobrain, for instance, is a project that takes advantage of cloud to improve robot’s skill and knowledge.

Human learns many things from other people and also their environment. That is also one thing that distinguishes robot and human. Robot cannot learn from each other and as a result, their knowledge is limited to what has been programmed into their system. Now, what will happen when robot can finally learn from each other? That is exactly what Robobrain project is all about. When a robot has learned something, the knowledge will be shared to the cloud where other robots can access and also learn that knowledge. This impressive project could be ready in only three or five years. And when this technology is finally available, it will accelerate and simplify robot programming so many robots can learn one specific skill in the same time which will be very useful to be used in factory work. Are you feeling threatened with this?

Working Hand in Hand with a Robot

Many people have expressed worry about these advanced robot development. But actually, according to many robot inventors, robots are not created to substitute human. Instead, robots are developed to work hand in hand with human to make the job easier.

Universal Robots have managed to develop a robot that can work alongside human. This robot really works together with human and it specializes in doing repetitive jobs in high speed and accuracy while the human handle other tasks. This kind of robot indeed will reduce the amount of human workforce needed, but in the same time it will increase the manual laborers’ productivity and make their job easier.

But from what Universal Robots have achieved, we can conclude that most robots are only capable to handle repetitive and programmed jobs—at least for now. Therefore, there are still many jobs that cannot be touched by robots and still rely on human’s touch and emotion. Entrepreneurship is one of them. But even without the robots being an entrepreneur is never easy. So, do you have what it takes to enter the competition?

What’s in the Future for Human Race?

Robotic development is advancing and it cannot be stopped. From a robot that can take college entrance exam, do dull jobs in the factory to a platoon of robot that can be sent to a battlefield, someone is actually working on them. So, what’s in it for the human in the future then? Could the robots really take our jobs? Well, judging from how advanced robot developments nowadays are, the answer is probably yes. But what’s new, though?

We have seen machines and other technologies took over human’s jobs since decades and even centuries ago. But somehow, humans always find new things to do. Just take a look at what you are doing now. You are probably working in a field that didn’t exist 50 or 100 years ago. Even though robots would take over the jobs we are doing now, we should not forget that technology always assists human development. So, new jobs will definitely be created in the future. But what would those jobs be, well, let’s just see what the future brings.