Arizona State to Become Starting Place for Self-Driving Uber

 Despite backlashes and negative publicity because of sexual harassment, customer neglect reports, sexism, and public protests that made the CEO stepped down from tech advisory board of President Trump’s new cabinet, Uber still does not stop innovating to offer the next best thing for the customers. Tapping out to futuristic dream of automatic, self-driving cars, Uber has currently offered its first self-driving fleet to customers in Arizona State, USA. While this shows Arizona’s open-minded approach toward progressive tech inventions, the application of the new fleet has resulted from various rejections and roadblocks.

Arizona’s Progressive Stance on Advanced Car Tech

While many other states in the US still reject self-driving car, Arizona has always had more progressive stance when it comes to car technology. Self-driving car fleet, which comes in the form of Volvo XC90, will serve customers in Arizona not too long after its establishment. The proposal itself had been rejected several times on various grounds in several states (especially California), before the governor of Arizona passed the fleet proposal from Uber. The reasons behind those rejections include requirement for specific (and expensive) car license, and general worries about the safety of self-driving car in general.

Doug Ducey, the current governor of Arizona, welcomed the proposal for self-driving Uber fleet with open arms. The governor himself has been known as having huge interests in Uber’s high tech innovation. He is also responsible for opening Arizona as popular place to test various automotive products, including self-driving vehicles. However, Uber will not slack off in polishing its self-driving car fleet. For example, there will be two driver engineers employed in Uber Arizona, in order to control, supervise, and operate the fleet. Each car will be “manned” by two driver engineers.

However, despite being a potential project, Uber may not be able to bounce back from negative publicities that have lately befallen the company.

Uber Still Struggles to Recover from Negative Press

The self-driving car fleet may be great innovation and an opportunity to expand Uber’s technological reach, but there have been quite a lot bad publicity about Uber, it is hard to determine whether the company will be able to bounce back or not. Uber has long been accused of not doing enough to prevent sexual harassments toward passengers, which was amplified by a confession from former Uber employee about how the company ignored sexual harassment reports.

Uber also earned negative publicity following the CEO, Travis Kalanick. Aside from sexism accusation, Kalanick had also received backlash from public because of his position as member of Trump’s advisory board for technology. Kalanick finally decided to step down after many people deleted their Uber accounts in protest. Meanwhile, the sexism accusation will likely to result in independent investigation. Uber definitely needs to improve its image, and the self-driving fleet in Arizona may become its first step.

Despite the technological innovation, Uber needs to fix a lot of problems that recently happened within the company. Looking at the negative backlash, it seems that Uber needs to step up its strategy to win back its customers.

Google Maps Released Personalized List to Rate and Share

The needs for sharing, including sharing information about recommended places, has prompted Google to tweak its Google Maps app with this ability to share. Recently, Google Maps released list sharing function, in which people can create personalized list for recommended places that they can rate, store, and share with friends or acquaintances. Originally started small from Google Local Guides, this feature is now a new staple for both Android and iOS users. This is also a a part of Google’s efforts to increase the social element in its main apps.

Google Maps’ New List for More Social Engagement

Google decided to improve the Google Maps function with personalized list because the company saw the changing nature in how people connect to each other. Google Maps was originally created as helpful guide to help people go from point A to B, like an actual map. However, people nowadays constantly look for distractions and new way to socialize through the online world. Google realized the potential and started releasing the personalized list feature in the Android and iOS programs.

By creating personalized list that people can share to friends, acquaintances and followers, Google has added more “social” element into its otherwise straightforward app. The personalized list not only helps people creating their favorite lists of recommended places (restaurants, cafes, stores, etc), rating them, and sharing them. To give more freedom to users, Google gives options for Public or Private setting for the lists that you have made. These options help users to be engaged in various activities, in many social sets.

The concept sounds simple, but Google is optimistic that it will increase the engagement level of Google Maps, and even invite more new, potential users.

Why Google Maps’ Personalized List is Beneficial

The ability of finding and creating detailed list of recommended places, which they can store, share, discuss, and many more. You can Star, Favorite, or Like a place and create important lists, such as “nearby hospital/clinic,” “favorite romantic restaurants,” “restaurants for families,” and many other information. There are various ways users can use the Google Maps to have discussion about the places, thus increasing the engagement level.

You can search various schools, business offices, and other places using Google Maps, before creating the lists and share them with followers or friends. You can “Star” some places to create list of important establishments that you may need later. When you “Star” something, this means you can get the numbers in speed dial. Meanwhile, “Favorite” function helps you to make “the best” or “the worst” lists, which can later be shared. After creating the list, you can get the link URL, and easily share the link to the list you made.

In order to add the social engagement level, Google also made it possible for people to follow a personalized list, just like what users can do when using YouTube or Spotify. With new feature that has great potentials, Google does not close any possibilities to improve the app function later, such as creating public list to be shared among general Google users.

Facebook to Launch New Apps for TV Streaming

Facebook finally recognized the TV-watching trend that no longer resemble two decades ago. With the rising trend of streaming TV shows and sharing, uploading or downloading videos, Facebook decided to go on board by introducing series of new apps. In order to improve the frequencies of video uploading and downloading, Facebook has started to make changes on the newsfeed regarding of how a video file is played. The new apps will also be related to various popular video and TV-streaming websites for more immersive experience.

Current Changes in Facebook Video Features

According to interview by CODE Media with Facebook VP for partnership program Dan Rose, the new apps will be connected to popular video and TV-streaming platforms, such as Fire TV (Amazon), Apple TV, and Smart TV technology from Samsung. This step is a part of Facebook’s global efforts to increase engagement through audio visual file sharing, since videos have been proven as effective tools to increase online engagement. Facebook has started this program by creating various tweaks and small changes on the newsfeed.

Automatic video playing is just one of some small changes Facebook created to leverage its video engagement to the next level. Facebook planned to create several more changes while easing up users to new features that will fully support video tools and engagement strategies. Several changes that Facebook have planned to create better video engagement level include the elimination of crop vertical video viewing, and the ability for users to drag video to the side so they can also browse the newsfeed during it.

With the available changes that we have seen and used, such as auto play feature and connection to Instagram videos, Facebook is ready to welcome the current trend of video streaming, and even potentially create new competition with popular video platform like YouTube.

Possible Partnership and Competition for Facebook Videos

Facebook has announced its intention to quickly release app that will enable people to watch Facebook videos right on their smart TV, as long as the TV has proper features to connect with Facebook’s video sharing connectivity. The company also seeks to create connection system that allows people to watch their Facebook videos through Samsung TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, and Fire TV from Amazon.

With the increase of Facebook progress toward engagement improvement program through videos, the company also seeks to create original video contents, following the success of original shows at Netflix, Amazon, College Humor, Buzzfeed, and Apple Music. Recently, Facebook has created partnership with Ricky Van Veen from College Humor website, in order to create interesting original contents to draw more users and increase engagement level in the website itself.

Finally, Facebook revealed plans to buy license of popular music for their future video programs. If the plan is realized, Facebook may become a big competitor with established reputation as video and music sharing, such as YouTube, Vimeo and Spotify. Facebook users can expect to see huge changes in the way they watch videos through Facebook, especially if they spend most of their social media portion on Facebook.

Rumours of New Feature, Samsung Galaxy S8 Stirring the Market

The fans of Samsung phones are going crazy over the leaked pictures of the upcoming Smartphone model. According to the rumours on the internet, the classy looking infinity screen and the invisible home button are the features of the new Samsung phone. But the outstanding possible feature of the upcoming model of Samsung that is sweeping gadget-crazy people is the possible addition of second selfie camera.

The leaked pictures were all on the social media of China. In the leaked pictures of the upcoming model of Samsung S8, there appear two holes of camera lens present on the right side of the front of the device. The images give a confirmation about the absence of the home button and the infinity screen to be larger than before.

According to the reliable sources, the announcement of the brand new Smartphone Samsung S8 will not be made official until April. On the contrary, the new images appear showing the device's front cover. The two circular holes present on the right side of the device are clearly shown in the image that is usually meant for being selfie lens holes. The snaps were leaked in the similar fashion of the appearance of the new technology of AMOLED screen of Samsung.

It is also rumoured that Samsung Galaxy S8 will also be not having a jack for headphone. The rumours just do not stop there. The internet is flooded with the hoax that the Galaxy S8 will have a wider screen for the company's new AMOLED display.

It is also in the air that Samsung will be moving the integrated fingerprint scanner of the phone under the screen too. The brand new screen display on the wider screen of the smartphone is also revealed which is of the same size as that of the S7. The only difference between both the models will be the home button which is supposed to be absent in the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8.

The fans of Samsung will need to wait till the month of April to find out which new features are coming with the introduction of the new phone. Samsung has decided to follow four years in consecutive in which Samsung has picked spring season to introduce its new handset. The renowned technological giant has been following the footsteps of its competitor Apple, giving confirmation to the SamMobile that it shall have the jack replaced with a port for USB Type-C.

The lovers Apple could not handle when Apple introduced iPhone 7 in 2016 without a jack for headphone and replaced the conventional earphones with wireless AirPods. In spite of severe resentment, iPhone 7 of Apple still made good sales.

Moreover, it was seen that the customers in the United Kingdom were desperate to get their handset when it was released there. The new model of Samsung Galaxy S8 is believed to be launched at the Mobile World Congress which is to be held in Barcelona in February.

Price War Initiated by Verizon Through its Unlimited Date Plan

The event of stock assembly led the telecom organization to face the drop out of their shares in the share market. In that situation, Verizon came out with the drop of 0.9% on Monday. At the same time, the T-mobile dropped its share with 2.4% as well as the AT & T dropped its shares with 1.8%. In that context, Sprint lost its share with 1.3%.

With this figure the senior equity research analyst, David Heger mentioned in his statement that this movement in the figures of the companies is the resultants that are absorbed in the price war. Heger has done this analysis along with Edward Jones.

The statement of the price war which has been mentioned in the statement of David Heger is such a situation which has already been continuing from since few years. With that, he added to it regarding the fact that T-mobile who has ended its contract of two years almost four years ago. Similarly, at the same time Sprint, T-Mobile and AT & T started the trend of cancelling all the data plans for the customers. With this action in August 2016, the consumers get the availability to access an unlimited amount of data from their smartphone.

In that condition, Heger added that in that strive for target customers, Verizon was the only company which is available in the market without any type offer.

Previously Verizon has the offer for the customers who take new connections as it was the nation’s largest wireless service provider. But from since 2011 Verizon had cancelled this plan. But with the current scenario, Verizon planned for returning to unlimited games which reached the target customers through TV adds.

In that situation CEO of T-Mobile John Legere took the instant decision of providing unlimited data plans with $70. This plan will also involve the plan for HD video and data usage up to 10 GB of the high-speed hotspot. T-Mobile made the availability of these offers to the target customers without paying any extra fees or taxes for it.

At the same time, Heger mentioned that Sprint and T-Mobile maintained their cheap rates. But Verizon provided an unlimited pack which included the data, talk, and text costing $80 per month for the users of a single line. And for four line users, it costs $180. Heger also stated that Verizon has also stood first regarding its network quality which is quite clearly noticed in its high price rate.

President of Verizon’s wireless division, Mr Ronan Dunne said they have confidence regarding the influx of the customers because of their quality of service. For now, they just want to give more choices to the customers.

With the gradual increase in the scopes, the rivals of Verizon have decreased the gap of their competitive advantage with Verizon. In that Heger mentioned that might be Verizon is searching for more options to win the competition over its competitors. Therefore the plans that Verizon has launched against the competing in the market it will lead the price war to start.

Google Maps makes Traveling Easier

With the growth of technology, there has been an implausible development in the Google maps. It has become the hope for the people who love to travel many places. It makes people get through the details of many known and unknown places before visiting there. So on the whole Google Maps is one of the great applications created by Google.

While people are willing to visit new places at that time people can make their proper planning. In that context, Google made available the whole process by which the directions for travel can get quicker to the users.

For that reason, this availability of navigation introduced by Google created an ease by which the users can visit their favourite places. With the selection of favourite places, users can also have the facility to go there as per their feasibility. This clear organisation for future reference is also available in the Google Maps which adds to make the app user-friendly for the users.

For example, if any person wants a break from his or her hectic life at that times this app can be reliable in helping the individual in choosing the destination to travel. It is just because the app emerged with its newest feature that will help in creating the lists of favourite places and restaurants of the individual. At the same time, it will help in organising those lists for future references.

In that context, if any person wants to visit any particular place, at that time this app will help in making the details of the best eating places as well as the sight-seeing places in that particular places. In that case, it is only necessary that the person makes the preparation of its wish list of the places in the sidebar and save it. Further after choosing the requisite places among them the map will help to choose the close destination as well as the list of places that can be visited per day.

Apart from that, another important part comes with the use of this app is the sharing features. With the availability of this sharing app, the individual can be able to share his or her wish list with the friends. Again this sharing can be done through mailing, social network or texts. In that way, the individual can make friends get attracted to join the trip, or he or she can provide valuable suggestions to visit places.

Google also cleared the confusion that the individual does not need any connection to get to their saved wish list. Rather it will be available easily by opening Google Maps on the Smartphone or computers in offline condition also.

People think it quite difficult to access the points to reach but about that Google is preparing itself to present a one-stop app for all the users. By doing so, Google is making Maps as one of the vital and essential apps for the Smartphone along with the navigation app as well as sharing feature.

How magnetic robot swarms can fight cancer?

According to a recent medical research, magnetic robot swarms can help in cure of diseases. These robots are microscopic in size and are controlled by magnetic forces. The research says that these swarms can help in fighting cancerous elements present inside the human body.

Since past several years, it is proved by the scientists that magnetic forces can be manipulated and diverted through advanced medical technology. These forces offer guidance to the medical devices present inside our bodies for controlling movement of objects. Let us take an example. The magnetic fields were utilized for shifting a catheter located in the heart or for steering capsules inside the gut. Initially, magnetic fields were also utilized for controlling swarms of small-sized magnets. Thus, it implies that such kind of technology can work for resolving complicated medical issues such as cancer.

Though the above process sounds useful, it is a challenging task to guide members of microscopic instruments to move in the same direction and at the same speed. As the magnetic items work under the force of the same magnetic field, their behaviour is also identical to each other.

In order to overcome this issues, scientists have conducted research for controlling all the members of a swarm of magnetic devices in a unique way. In this way, these devices can conduct specific activities as per the directions.

According to the German physicist and author, Jurgen Rahmer, this method will help in creating complicated manipulations in the human body. The overall process takes place in the following manner:

• Small-sized identical magnetic screws are developed.

• Later, a vibrant magnetic field is developed for freezing these magnetic screws.

• The magnetic screws can freely move in the small, weak gaps within the magnetic field created.

• If the magnetic field is not strong enough, then there can be spinning of the freely moving magnetic screws.

The scientists can cause the tiny magnetic screws to spin and flick in different directions simultaneously with the required level of accuracy. The researchers have also observed that it would be now possible to spin and influence all the microscopic robots on simultaneous basis.

Thus, scientists can now make use of screw-based mechanism for performing complex tasks in the human body. There is no need for a battery or motor to conduct such complex tasks anymore.

This screw-spinning mechanism can also be backed with injectable microscopic pills. With this technology, the scientists can cause cancer-killing pills to target only the tumours and not the healthy tissues. As soon as the radiation dose is released by the pills, it will be switched off through magnetic forces. Moreover, the pills will be comprised of metallic substances so that the radiation does not leak out of it.

Conclusively, magnetic fields and robot swarms will help in curing cancer inside the body without damaging the healthy tissues.